Friday, March 26, 2010

Joe Kubert & Wonder Con

This morning when I checked my e-mail, I got a very pleasant surprise from Facebook.  
Then the fanboy in me takes over.  WOW.  Joe Kubert added me on Facebook!  Is that a Facebook Fan site?  Is that someone else running Joe Kubert's Facebook?  I dunno.  I'm just going to take it in... Joe Kubert added me on Facebook!!!

Many years ago in my early inking days, I've meet Joe Kubert at a local comic convention.  It was my first and only time I've meet him.  This was around the time one of his books, Fax from Sarajevo, was released and I believe he was touring.  I was still inking for independent comics and haven't stepped foot with any of the bigger publishers yet.  I decided to ask him if he would be so kind to give me a critique.  After all, he is the founder of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Of all people, he would know exactly what he was talking about.  Who better to ask for a critique?  I patiently waited until he finished all his signatures and sketches for people and built up enough courage to ask.  "Would you mind taking a look at my portfolio and giving me a critique?"   Sure, he said.  Joe took a look at all the pages in my portfolio, flipped back to a few pages, looked back up at me with a huge engaging smile and said (and I'll never forget this compliment), "You're one of those Inkers I would like to kill."  I was confused and asked, "What?  What do you mean?"  Then he explains... "You're one of those inkers who are so good that you can take inking jobs away from me. I don't see anything wrong with your inks."  Then we chatted a bit about inking and when I left, he wished me luck.  Joe Kubert is going to be a guest at the same convention, Wonder Con, where I first meet him.  Speaking of which, I'll be attending that same convention, Wonder Con.  
I'm looking forward to meeting Joe Kubert again.  If I see him, I'm going to ask if he remembers me and the critique he gave me.  From the first time we've meet, I think he'll be happy to know that I'm doing better with the inking.  It would be great to see him again.  This time, I won't have butterflies or the need to build up courage to meet him... after all, we're Facebook friends now.  :)


  1. good for you, Walders. I'm gonna try and make it to down there today. Six years in the biz and I've never been to a convention. It's about time. Hopefully I'll run into you!

  2. I ended up not being able to go. :( Hope you got to see Kubert. Speaking of, I somehow wound up on this site called "Branded in the '80s" this morning and found this (scroll down for Kubert section):

    Weird how you hear of something/someone for the first time and then you read about them again the very next day.

  3. Wonder Con was good. I only went two days.

    I did get to see Joe Kubert and got to talk with him on both Friday and Saturday. Very exciting.

    Thanks for the link. That's some good reading and I didn't know that about him. Very interesting. Joe Kubert has been around working in comics for a long time. There's always something he's done that misses my radar. Thank you for that.