Monday, April 27, 2009


Akira Toriyama is the creator of Dragon Ball among many other titles from Japan. VIZ Media publishes those books as well as art books here in America. I was asked to do some work over some of Akira Toriyama's work. Not over original pencils or anything like that. Over digital files. This image is something I inked which will be included in an Dragon Ball art book. Originally, this image was taken/clipped from an Manga (or graphic novel). It was later blown up for the use of the artbook. Because it was blown up, the image was too pixelated. So a Blue Line was created out of the pixelated image and I inked on top of that. Getting rid of all the jagged lines by inking smoother ones and staying true to the original image. I used a regular sized sharpie as well as a fine tipped one. Some of the linework, I would go over a several times with the fine tip sharpie just to get the exact thickness that was originally there. After all the line work was completed, I scanned it in with photoshop and dropped in all the blacks. Then off it went. Found out later that it won't be used. As much as everybody at Viz likes it, the License Holders doesn't think it's a workable because it's changing the art. Oh well.... Still was fun to ink.


  1. That's pretty cool Walden. Did you know someone at Viz that was interested in you inking this piece specifically or did this just fall into your lap? Funny picture.

  2. It just fell into my lap. Originally, they were talking about how to clean up the image digitally and that it would be a lot of work to do so. So I had this idea about me inking on top of the digital file from Blue Lines. Which worked out well. Everybody was happy.

  3. I hope it'll show in the art book since you spent time on it! But if not, it still looks like Akira's work. Speakind of Dragonball, PLEASE don't watch that live action Dragon Ball movie. D: