Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Written by Walter Simonson; Pencils by Mike Bowden, and inks by myself. This issue was released last month. One of my favorite pages in the book. I worked on two issues, #16 and #17 before Blizzard decided to move on to a different look for the series. Lots of excitement when I was working on this book. It was my first time working with Wildstrom. I got to work with Walter Simonson whose work I admire before I got into the business. Got to work with Mike Bowden who's a great penciller who's also the same person who runs the website, We spoke about me working with Arthur Adams a lot because I just finished my run on Hulk with Arthur Adams. And I got to work with Wildstorm Editors, Hank Kanalz and Sarah Gaydos. Hank Kanalz is Wildstorm's General Manager as well as the same person who was the editor at Malibu Comics back in the day that lead up to Image Comics. Sarah Gaydos is an Editor over at Wildstorm and she can't be any sweeter. Always making sure things were working smoothly and that I got paid. I believe I spoke with Sarah the most while working with Wildstorm. WORLD OF WARCRAFT #17 is in stores now.


  1. That's an awesome page, Walden! And wow, you get to work on a Walt Simonson book! That's great! Welcome to blogging! :D

  2. Thank Gerry. My next step is to make videos like the awesome ones you have done.

  3. Cool! Cesar from the inker's list has been doing a few lately. :D

  4. you know I'll want the high res to this one don't you...?

    (yeah *that* Sean...)

  5. I gotta check out Ceasar's blog and see what he's doing. Sean, it's on it's way.