Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Out this week. There's a 10 page story in this issue pencilled by Mark Robinson and inked by myself. When I was inking this page, the ink was bleeding because of the board I was working on. Sometimes the paper stock isn't as nice and smooth. After inking, I had to get back in there and touch it up. Which turned out okay because the printed image won't see all the white out that was used. A few weeks back, I was reading a comic book news website and I stumbled upon an article about upcoming books in the Spider-Man universe. Among some of the images in the article, I find a colored image of the page I inked. This turned out looking really good. It's always nice to see pages all colored up after I'm done. It's like seeing a child go to college and growing. Not that I have a child going to college or anything like that.

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