Friday, April 24, 2009


Pencilled by MC Wyman and inked by myself. Again, pushing the thick lines and breaking the thins. One of the techniques I enjoy doing are tapered lines. Those are the hatch lines that blends from the white to the black. Hair is something that needs to be inked smoothly. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath to have a steady hand just so I can get a smooth line on the hair. It's funny I do that. I don't hold my breath when I ink other areas. Only sometimes when I ink hair. Weird habit


  1. LOL. I hated inking hair. Really, I know they say practice makes perfect but hair just frustrated me to no end. I truly am impressed by those who can ink hair so fluidly and make it look perfect. Your feathering on curved areas still amaze me.

  2. I must admit, when feathering on curved areas I need to concentrate a bit more. Not just when to start/end a line and when to apply pressure, but also to stay consistent with the curve. That's like thinking of 4 movements at the same time. Thanks for the kind words. Now if I can only get away from holding my breath.