Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A year ago, I inked a Wonder Woman blue line piece that was auctioned off for charity at Super Con. The convention hosted an Inking Panel. Before the day of the convention, they would ask a penciller to draw up something for the event. They would then create blue line boards of the same image and send it out to different inkers. At the time, Adam Hughes pencilled a rough image of a female character that looked like Wonder Woman. But not quite because it didn't have all the details that Wonder Woman had. The stars on the tiara and shorts, logo on the chest, boots without the strips, etc. So naturally, the majority of us inkers assumed it was a Wonder Woman knock off. Including myself. So when all was done, every Inker turned in a piece that looks completely different from the rest. Every piece was unique in a drastic way. Some made it look like Wonder Woman while other make it look like something else. I was talking to Michael Bair and he even said "Adam Hughes tricked us!".
Here's a picture that someone took during the Inking Panel. Ernie Chan was also there, but that's Frank Cho holding the page that Adam Hughes inked himself along with my page I inked. And to the right, that's Adam Hughes leaning back and looking at my page. Love the body language. Probably thinking, "Who's this inker that massacred my pencils?"

Super Con liked the Inking panel so much that they made it an annual event. I'll be inking some pieces again for this year. As soon as I'm done, I'll be posting the images.


  1. XDDD
    Adam Hughes looks hilarious.
    Anyways, one of my favorite pictures that you've inked. >______<
    Guess who I am? xDD

  2. That's a really clever idea! If you're ever interested in donating another piece, I co-organize the Wonder Woman Day annual fundraiser in which comic book artists donate pieces auctioned off to raise money for domestic violence organizations.

    You can find us on Facebook: