Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Collecting King Size Hulk, Hulk issues 7, 8, & 9 is in stores now. This is the one where I inked Arthur Adams' pencils. Good times. Now it's in Hardcover. There are two different covers for this. The one you see above drawn by Arthur and there's a Direct Marker variant drawn by Frank Cho. To learn more about it, chick here.
This is one of the Double Page spreads that I inked. Lot of work and lots of fun. I used a brush to fill in blacks. For the most part, I inked this piece with microns pens in different sized tips. Same kind of pens that Arthur Adams would use to ink his own work. Arthur gave me a bunch of microns when I was working with him. He also gave me photocopies of his other work where he inks himself. So I was getting into my Arthur Adams zone when I inked these pages. Using the same tools he uses and constantly referencing his inkwork on the photocopies. I'm very proud of how the pages turned out. Best compliment I got from Arthur was "I can't tell if you inked it or if I inked it myself."


  1. You know, I kind of always figured that Art used Microns or something similar to ink his pencils. You'd almost have to in order to get those sharp lines and you can tell. I think that is the best compliment that you can get from an editor or the penciller themselves, they can't tell.

    Although I think there is a little Walden in those pages that still shine through, especially some of the background elements.

  2. I've never used Microns in the past to ink pages. Maybe once in a while when I do convention sketches. After inking Arthur with Micros, it's became one of my many tools I use now. Always good to add to he arsenal.

  3. Can I have the lineart to the Red Hulk one..? :+)


  4. Hey! You reprimanded us when we asked to use microns. :P

  5. Sean, I don't have the lineart to that hardcover cover. Arthur did that piece himself. I did, however, inked all the interiors.

    Maleficent, That because it's better to break the rules after you know them. Makes you a better artist.