Thursday, January 28, 2010


Another comp copy just showed up. A trade paperback collection of some Deadpool stuff I worked on many years ago. At the time, the penciller, Pete Woods, and I were the regular fill-in art team on Deadpool. Or was it the regular rotating art-team? It was a lot of work and it kept us busy for a long time. Marvel recently released a trade paperback compilation reprinting some of our earlier Deadpool books. Here's the cover to the volume.
When Pete and I were working on Deadpool, we would add easter eggs in them. Little things drawn into the art here and there. Here's a picture with one. See if you can find it.
Not yet? Okay... Let me give you a clue. It's in this panel... See it?
Great! You see something, but aren't quite sure what it is. Lets zoom to that pink colored image. That's supposed to be a bag of potato-chips that had the name "Wacky Wong".

This was one of the first Marvel books Pete and I worked on together. Before we worked on Deadpool, Pete asked me if I would like to ink his pencils over at Marvel. I was happy to and we were both excited to be working with each other. I specifically remember working on this page. In fact, it was one of the first few pages Pete and I did for Marvel. Anyhoo, when I saw the words Wacky Wong, I called up Pete and told him that was cool. He said he was stoked about working with me and drew that there for me. Nice gesture. But due to the magic of computer lettering, it got obscured. Now it reads "Wackid Wo".
DEADPOOL CLASSIC VOL.3 TPB is in stores now. Get more info by click here.


  1. I did that all through a mini-comic I coloured for a guy's hip-hop CD insert last year. Jon Sommariva left all sorts of blank signs, posters, stickers and assorted stuff though the comic pages so I filled thgem with my website logo, jon's website logo and other assorted favourite stuff from the net as 'easter eggs' to be noticed or not! :+P

  2. Stuff like that is always fun to do. I know Jon Sommarvia. He also goes by the name, Red J. He's a great artist.