Friday, January 15, 2010


The cover to THE WEB #4. I did some interior art work for this issue.
Below are the comp copies I received with a couple of issues opened up to the pages I worked on. I did finishes over Roger Robinson's pencilled layout for this issue. Finishes is when I get a page that's not completely pencilled. I go in there and add more details to finish off the rest of the page with inks. With this issue, there are twenty pages for THE WEB's story arc. Hilary Barta did finishes on the first ten pages and I worked on the last ten. There's also a Second Feature story about another character with a whole different art team. When I received the pencils, some of them looks like the image below. I'm posting this page because it's one of my favorites when I was done with it. Not to mention that it too me the longest to complete finishes on. I don't recall exactly how many hours, but it was the longest of the ten pages i worked on.This page called for a lot of mirror images. According to the script, The Web was talking on the phone in a House of Mirrors. With the first four panels, I did some stat work. Meaning I duplicated the bodies for each panel. Then for all the panels on this page, I copied each head, flopped it, and duplicated them on the background for the mirror effect with photoshop. I also had to halo (adding a white line) to separate each mirror side by side, otherwise you can't tell they're seperate mirrors. Just when I thought everything was done, the last panel where The Web is on the phone, it calls for a iPhone. I went online to find iPhone references so I can do finishes on the phone. All the details on the phone took a while and are real iPhone screen buttons in there. Not made up.
It took a bit of time. Doing finishes over pencilled layouts as well as Photoshop work for all the duplicate mirrored images. Below is another page that wasn't as intensive as the one above.
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  1. Very impressed!!! over all great work!! sometimes when i'm inking something such as that i always ask my self in stead of put aka inker why not artist!! we as inker are artist and have to add the finsh product.keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks, Rivera. Sometimes the credit can be listed as "Art Team" or "Artists" and that's something nice to see.

  3. cool,i would love to see your work space and tools of trade!!!