Monday, January 25, 2010


I get a small package today. I opened it up and said "What's this? I don't remember working on Superman Mon-El. Did I order this and forgot about it? I took a look at the credits pages and I see my name. Yet, I still don't remember working on anything Mon-El. Here's a picture of the Hard Cover book.
Then I flipped through the book to see if I recognize anything. Whoop, there it is! I DID do some work in here. I recall inking the page on the left which took days. At the same time, I also remember inking the numbers "7734" in panel two on the opposite page, which took seconds.
I flipped a few more pages and I see more images that I worked on. Originally, I believer the work I did for this was published under ACTION COMICS. Now it's collected along with some other books for this hardcover.
You can find out more of SUPERMAN: MON-EL VOL.1 by clicking here.


  1. Sounds like that is the case when you are inking hodge podge of pages short notice, I'd guess you get confused what books they are really included in.

  2. You're right about that. Without getting these comp copies or people giving me a heads up, I won't even know at all.