Thursday, January 21, 2010

52 random Inks I've done

Not actually 52 random pieces, but one piece for 52. Confused? I'll explain below. Here's a oldie but goodie. It's a double page spread of something I done last year. Or was it the year before that? Maybe three years ago? I don't recall. Seems like yesterday. As usual, you can click on image to expand it.

This was used for a comic book titled "52" published under DC Comics. Pencils by my partner in crime, Justiniano. Two pages attached together. The left with a lot of characters drawn and the right not so much. Wanna take a guess which side too me longer to finish? **Ding!-Ding!-Ding!** Winner-Winner-Chicken Dinner!!! You're right! The left side took me much longer to ink! Five times longer than the right side. But the right side has more ink. Almost a Yin-Yang feel to it.
Since you got the answer correct, here's your prize. A full colored double page spread of that same image.
Hey! I just noticed that Justiniano and I signed this piece on the bottom right and dated it 2007. Guess this was three years ago. Time seems to zip on by with a blink of an eye. ZOOM Zoom zoom.


  1. sweeeeTTT i just wish u had a high rez on this inks,great job!!

  2. How often did you have to get up from your desk and walk away for a bit to clear your head and flex your eyes a bit to refocus? Man, that left side was intense.

  3. Rivera, I don't have a high res file of it. This was done before I started scanning pages for production.

    Patrick, with detailed pages like that, I would usually work on it a little at a time while working on other pages. It's not that bad when I spend small periods of time on it. In one sitting, however, that may be tougher.

  4. Ah, this is a nice piece....well done! :)