Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Age of Heroes #3.  In stores now.  I inked an eleven page story over Brad Walker's pencils.  Didn't get any comps for this issue, so I'm pulling the image for the cover from Marvel's website.  The cover...
Some of my inks for this issue.  Here's Absorbing man.
Now we have Marie Hill, Sharon Carter, and Victoria Hand, the three Avengers Liasons.  How do I know who they are?  I pulled that info from here.
Inking Absorbing Man was fun.  Every time he absorbs something he touches, his body would become that texture.  Which gives me the opportunity to play with inking textures.  Throughout the pages, I've inked Absorbing Man with different tools (brushes, technical pens, quills, micron pens)  just to give them each a different look.  Here's a stone sandy texture where I used a brush and technical pens.  
Below is Absorbing man with a more organic texture in panel 1 and part of panel 2.  Inked those with brushs and microns.  After he gets hit by a chandelier in panel 2, he absorbs and gets the jeweled look and I went in there and inked him with a quill pen.  Notice in panel 2 where he's smashing the chandelier, I've inked his body with a brush, then with his left arm, I've inked with a pen.   Giving that arm more angular chiseled feel along with the rest of the panels following.
Finally, here's our friendly neighbor Spider-Man.
Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size... Just so he can lie on a hammock.


  1. Dern...I had to cut all my orders at my local store before I headed in the big move down to FL so now I'm playing catchup on issues. Looks like another issue (plus Return of BW) to add to the re-pull list. Thanks for the heads up!

    Stuff looks incredibly awesome too.

  2. Thanks Patrick. Hope your move was seamless.