Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Batman!  The Return of Bruce Wayne!!  Numbeeeer... 4!!!  I inked this whole issue over Georges Jeanty's pencils.  A whopping 32 pages!  Great fun!  Here are copies of this issue...
I was also sent variant editions of the same comic.  Different cover... same Bat Channel.
Interior pages I worked on in all it's glory...
Working with Georges on this issue, we were already under a tight deadline stepping into it.  Georges told me it's going to rain on this whole issue.  I just assumed he meant the deadlines were going to be very tight and it'll be a lot of hard work.  You know...like the terms.. 'rain on your parade' or 'bring the rain'.  Just gotta be up to speed with the work.
Well... when the pages starting to show up on my door step, one by one, I realized Georges meant that literally...  It's going to rain on this whole issue.   Almost every page, it was raining.  I even added more rain just because.   Some rain here, a little over there, white rain on top of black inks.  Even more raind to this double page spread...
Yes, that's Jonah Hex on panel two of the double page spread above.   In the rain.
As the pages kept rolling in, I was rooting for better weather.  Cloudy, partly cloudly, or even sunny.  I started to tune into my local news to see what the forecast will bring.  As usual, they're predictions are never correct.  More rain!  Inches of water!  Rain drops and puddles everywhere!
Still, Batman looks cool under the rain.  "I'm Batman..."
Whip in some colors, give it a crack of lightning for the background, throw in some crecits, and this is what happens...
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 is in stores now.  More info here.  


  1. have you got the high res inks of the 3 covers to send to me...?


  2. The covers were done by someone else. I only worked on the interiors.