Monday, August 9, 2010


Batgirl #12 is out and in stores now.
I've inked seventeen pages for this issue.  All of which were over Lee Garbett's pencils.  Here's the first page...
Same page as colored by Guy Major
Here's a beautiful splash page with so many elements happening.  In the raim, Batgirl lands on a parachute creating a splash on the ground in the shape of the Bat Logo....which will be used to place the credits upon publication.
 Same page in color.
Here's a splash page where Batgirl just escapes from the chaos.
And this here, is the last page I inked in this issue with Batgirl in it.
More info about Batgirl #12 here.

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  1. you know i want the last three pics there don't you.. :+P