Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rogue commission piece over Arthur Adams

Another commission piece I did over Arthur Adams' blue pencil drawings.  Not Blue-Line printouts, but and actual hand drawing that Arthur did with a blue pencil.  

All of this was inked with different tip sized microns.  I spotted the blacks with a brush.  Like the other Art Adams commission pieces I've inked in the past, I referenced how he would ink some of his own backgrounds.  A time consuming cross hatching texture.  The pencil sketch didn't have any backgrounds.  I wanted to give it a background to look as close to the pieces that Arthur would draw himself.  

My thought process was to leave some whites in the background because I didn't want it to mesh with the blacks that was on the figure.  Areas on the figure that was white, I let the cross hatching background touch the figure.  Areas on the figure which were black (like the front of her hood and bottom of boobies), I left the background white.  At the same time, doing a fade from black to white with the background so it transitions better.  The extra details on the hair, tapered lines, and cross hatching, I referenced other work that Arthur has done.  
Lots of planning and referencing before inking.  I even lightly pencilled in areas to show myself where I want certain details to be.  In a way, it's almost like doing finishes.  

Here's how it looks when I got the piece.  Lightly drawn in blue pencil.  Still beautiful as with any and all of Arthur's work.  Hard to see, but enough for me to work with.


  1. Dern.

    I mean, seriously, dern.

    I love Art inking himself. And Terry A. was glorious over his pencils. But you're seriously knocking his style out of the park.

  2. Thanks Patrick. I'm happy with how this one turned out too.

  3. That tri-direction cross hatching thing Arthur does is insane. I've tackled it a couple times on my own commissions. Looks good, but ouch, my hand is numb after a page of that.


  4. I know exactly what you're talking about, Steve.