Friday, August 27, 2010

JLA / Witchblade

Here's an oldie.  Something I've inked many moons ago.  This was a crossover book between DC Comics and Top Cow with characters from the JLA and Witchblade.  It was for a prestige format comic with about 48 pages of story.   Here's the inked black and white cover along with the printed comic.
At the time, penciller, Mark Pajarillo, and I was the fill in art team for JLA.  Anytime the regular art team needed an break, we stepped in.  When JLA/Witchblade popped up, we were asked to do the book.
Around that time, Pajarillo was freelancing for DC Comics as well as working in house for Top Cow Comics.  Him working with other inkers on Top Cow books such as Darkness, Tomb Raider, and Witchblade.  Speaking of which, Pajarillo and I also worked on a Witchblade/Tomb Raider #1/2 comic around the same time. 
Anyhoo, he wanted me to ink his pencils with the same look that Top Cow comic was publishing at the time.  Sending me copies of other inkers and what they did.  
Along with that look, everything was inked with a quill.  Very edgy, angular, and crisp.  Take a look at the hands in the third panel below.  You can imagine how I bounced the quill all over the place to ink that one panel. 
Then we get to this page.  Talk about inter company crossover.  Pencils by Mark Pajarillo up top on Wonder Woman and Dave Finch below on Superman.  This Superman was Finch's first ever published Superman Drawing which I inked.  Mark needed help on the deadline and just handed the page over to Finch to help him out.  Finch didn't get credit in the book as Pajarillo requested.  Looking at Supes, you can tell it's drawn by Finch.
Good times working on this crossover book.  Publishers working together to publish a comic.  Characters from different universe meeting up in the same book.  Artist from different publishers working on the same book.  Then we get Wonder Woman wearing the Witchblade.  Crossover Galore!  


  1. can I have the high ress files for all of these - yes even the seq pages...!!! but wspecially the cover of course..!..?


  2. Actually, I pulled all of these images off the internet from a Google search of JLA Witchblade. I also went on and pulled images off from there. JLA / Witchblade was done a long time ago before I started scanning images.