Friday, August 20, 2010


Here's another Age of Heroes issue I worked on.  I inked eleven pages over Shawn Moll's pencils for this issue #4.  Here's the cover to the issue...
The story is about Lady Black Panther.  Here's the opening page with Aim Agents getting a can of whup-ass. I went all out with the tapering of lines in the last panel.  Having too much fun.
Lady Black Panther slaps Aim Agents faces, except with her feet.
 Another page.  America's Top Model!  Then... foot to the head!
 Same page with pretty colors.
This issue is in stores now.  More info here.


  1. Shawn's my bud, and I've never seen his stuff look better! You're awesome over him!

  2. Thanks Tom! Shawn's a good penciler. Nice to have worked with him. I think he has some Doug Mahnke influences. There were a few drawing of faces where they reminded me of Mahnke's work.