Monday, January 20, 2014


My first time working on the title The Amazing Spider-Man.  This one's issue #700.3 where I've inked over Timothy Green's pencils.  Lots of happy for me to work on this issue... 

First off, I have a friend who collects The Amazing Spider-Man.  Specifically this title.  He even has the first appearance of Spider-Man, Amazing Fantasy #15.  I've seen it and held it in my hands.  From time to time, he would asked me when I'll be working on Amazing Spider-Man.  Because I don't work in comics, until I've worked on the title Amazing Spider-Man.  Well... I guess I finally made it as a comic book artist.  

Secondly, I got to ink Timothy Green.  I've been a fan of Timothy's work since he worked on Aeon Flux for Dark Horse Comics.  And I've been following his work ever since.  We spoke a five times viz e-mail, but never got to work with him.   Then when this project landed on my lap, I recognized the pencils right away (sometimes as an inker, we get projects to ink and not know who the penciller is until we ask).  I contacted Timothy Green right away and told him how excited I was.  Here's the results of the inks....

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