Monday, January 20, 2014


My inks over Julius Gopez's pencils.
Double page spread with all those Manbats.  Every one inks as a Manbat.  No scribbeling for me, I must ink all tiny Manbats!  If some of the pencils don't make sense, I will fix it and make another Manbat.  Manbats away!

Splash page with all the characters.  All the ghostly images were inked with a micron.  The main characters were inked with quills and brushes.  When I ink, I like to switch tools all time time to get the right textures for everything.

With the lion texture, I hatched in the lines.  Originally the penciller drew them in as one solid black strip.  Inking a black strip would be so much faster and easier.  But I always say, quality over quantity.  Then went the way of hatching fur on the lion.  Looks much better in my opinion.

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