Sunday, January 19, 2014


The company, Siemens, hired Marvel to create a comic for them.  Marvel hired penciller Kevin Sharp and myself for inks.  It was for some video comic on on their website.  That's why these pages are bits and pieces of images.  They were used to create animation for webisodes.

With the animation, here's where Iron Man flies down to a sidewalk with a bunch of people.  As he lands, the jet boosters on his left foot activates for a landing, then smoke arises.

With this animation, Iron Man/Tony Stark walks along some buildings.  The face mask would be on.  As he walks, the face mask open up and revels him as Tony Stary.

Here's Iron Man entering a glass door.  As he enters, his right arm armor starts to transform revealing the sleeve of  his right arm suit holding a card.

War Machine walking across Tony Stark in a hospital

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