Monday, January 20, 2014


Here's my inks over Rafa Sandoval's pencils.  Below are a few of the pages I've worked on.  Originally, Rafa Sandoval drew Catwoman normally in a black outfit, without that straightjacket.  The editors asked me make Catwoman wear a straightjacket.  If I can add that on.  I said 'sure' and the results are as follows...

All I did was erase Catwoman's top, some of her arms, and redrew her to to be wearing the straight jacket.

Now when I got to this page, Catwoman was originally cutting the glass to escape.  I contacted my editors and asked about the straitjacket deal.  Because shes supposed to be wearing through the rest of the comic.  Editor said to make her poke her arm out the straitjacket to cut the glass, then have her tuck her arm back inside the straitjacket for the rest of the comic.  

Now Catwoman is out of her cell.  Notice how I drew the top right shoulder of the straight jacket.  There's a hole in it with thread coming apart.  Indicating that Catwoman placed her arm back inside and there a rip on that area of the straitjacket.

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