Monday, January 20, 2014


My inks over Carlo Barberi

Scarlet Spider and Wolverine getting ready to walk into the double page spread below.

Fun times!  Check out all the white halos around character and objects.  And the white halos within the objects of some.  Only way to separate black from blacks is to create a white halo line in between.  Otherwise everything will mesh together. 

On panel 4, I had to ink the speed lines separately.  The best way to make all those speed lines perfectly align with each other was for me to ink it on a separate area.  I've inked Scarley Spider and the webbing directly on the panel.  Then on the back of this original art, I've printed out Blue Inks of panel 4 again.  Only this time, I inked only the speed lines cutting through the Blue Line figure.  When done, I scanned both image in and cropped the speed lines behind Scarlet Spider and the webbing.  If you looks closely, you'll notice the speed lines cut perfectly across the images in front of it.  

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