Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My inks over Sean Chen's pencils.  Helping out on a few pages.  I've inked over Sean Chen a while back on a book for DC named, Salvation Run.  So it was goods to be able to ink over his pencils again.  Everything felt comfortable inking over Sean.  Sometimes when I ink over people I've never worked with before, there is a learning curve.  Seeing what inks looks right and what works.  When I inked over Sean again, everything came automatically.

Panels 1 and 2 were fun to work on.  I like when I get pencils that challenges the inks.  In this case, you have an statue's arm that reaches from a white background to the black background with starts.  Not to mention the cross hatching in between the black side and the white side, all the while being behind the statues arm.  The white halo around the figure in the black background.  But no white halo on the arm.  Just a lot of thinking and figuring out how to make it look right.

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