Monday, January 20, 2014


Helped out on a few pages on this issue.  My inks over Guillermo Mogorron's pencils.  

A couple of days turnaround to work on these pages.  If I remember correctly, I was asked to help out on a few pages on Friday, and had to turn them around for the colorist on Saturday.  So I accepted two pages.  This one and the one below.

Here's the splash page that I also worked on.

Now THIS page above is interesting.  Somebody else inked the page (I don't know who), but the editor who had me work on the first two pages asked me to retouch this previous inkers inks.  They send me the High Res files and I've printed them out in Black.  Then I sent back and retouched all the art traditionally by hand.  Fixing textures, using white-out for corrections, and inking on top of that.  Finally, assing more details to the final pages so it won't look sketchy.

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