Monday, January 20, 2014


My inks over Trevor McCarthy.  This project, I was doing finishes on. I've spotted all the blacks, deciding there the blacks should be.

Some of the drawing was skteches, so I tighten them up a bit.

More of the same where I'm deciding on where all the blacks should be.  

Here's a good one.  Those room divider screens, I forget who sent me references of the room divider screens.  I was sent a color picture of them and was asked to draw them into the art in panels 1, 2 and 4.  What I did was used photoshop, manipulated the color image into a black and white shade.  Then pasted that up on the artwork and printed the whole thing out on Blue Line to ink.  Once I was inking, I would ink over those images and that's how they look above.  Same thing for panel one in the page below.

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