Thursday, November 25, 2010


Deadpool issue 29, "I'M YOUR MAN" Part 3 (of 3) that I inked over Carlo Barberi's pencils.  Cover to this issue...
Some interior inked pages...

And now, one of my favorite pages.  Here's the pencils I got from Carlo Barberi.  Deadpools galore!!!
Here's my inks.  This page was inked in between other pages just so I can keep it exciting and wanting to come back to it.  I do that every time I get pages that has a lot of characters with a lot of details.  Instead of completing it on one sitting, I spread it out.
And finally, here's the colored page as it was completed by Marte Garcia...
What's makes this more fun is that each Deadpool sports a different costume design.  Masterminded by Carlo Barberi!  Deadpool #29 is in stores now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Did some work for Spider-Man vs. Vampires over Roberto Castro's pencils.  
Here's some of my inks.  Web slinging Spidey...
Spidey vs. Vampires...   This page almost got a but confusing during the inking stage.  I had to add all all those white line halos in certain areas to separate foreground blacks from background blacks.  Otherwise everything will mesh together and you won't see the form of the characters.
Wall crawling Spidey and a fighting ring.  White lines on the building windows to keep the perspective going.  The last panel was fun and took a while to complete.
Spidey and Blade.  I think this is the first time I've actually worked on the character Blade.  Very cool.  all the time I was inking Blade, I though about Wesley Snipes and the term, "Day Walker".  Strange want goes on in my head when I'm working.
Spider-Man vs. Blade in a cage match.
I've inked eleven pages for this issue.  Marvel posted up the first six preview pages (which I also inked) and you can view them by clicking this link.  Check it out.  

Spider-Man vs. Vampires is in stores now.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Comp for Superman/Batman: Big Noise trade paperback.   Worked on a bunch of pages got this one.
Remember the Superman movie when General Zod, Ursa, and Non were banished into the Phantom Zone, a prison dimension that looked like a piece of glass?  Well... Supes did it to me too...


Spider-Man: Jackpot trade paperback comp from Marvel.  Worked on a bunch if pages for the one.  In stores now.

Marvel Comps

Got a bunch of Marvel comps today.   Very cool.  They're all in stores now.  I've already blogged about them when they were first released.   Here they are...

Cloak and Dagger #1
Amazing Spider-Man Back in Quack #1
Deadpool #27
Deadpool #28
Age of Heroes #3
Dark Reign War Machine #12
Age of Heroes #4
The credits/splash page for Cloak and Dagger I found online.
Speaking of Cloak and Dagger... Cloak is sucking me and Dagger into his darkness.  Arghhhhhh!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I've inked the whole issue over Leandro Oliveira's pencils.  Here's a picture of what happens to the comp copies when there's too much time on my hands.  
Picture of the variant cover for this issue.  With less time on my hands.
This issue focuses on Lois Lane.  Here's a splash page with her.  
Lots of hair to ink especially with Lois Lane.  

A habit I have while inking hair is to hold my breath.  Thinking that it'll steady my body and hands to give it a much smoother/slicker line.  It's not really necessary to hold my breath.  Just a habit I developed.  With this issue, there was a LOT of hair! So much, I decided to create a collage of all the hair to illustrate how much.  By the time I finished this issue, I think I can hold my breath for minutes on end.  Become a deep sea diver or preform under water escape tricks.
Lots of hair, yes?  On top of that, a huge amount of tapered inking techniques.

There's even more hair in this issue that I didn't include in the collage.  Like the pages below with Superman and Lois Lane.
Close up with more tapered ink lines.
Below you'll see a black backround next to black hair.  To avoid both blacks meshing together, I added a white line in between.  This separates the two blacks and pop the figures away from the background.
The background with the stars (also called Black with Stars) is done by using a toothbrush and white ink.  I would spot the backgrounds in black first, wait for the ink to dry, then spatter white ink on top with a toothbrush.  There so many ways create this effect.  Othertimes, I would use a masking fluid instead of white ink,  Work backwards ending with spotting blacks on top.  Once everything dries, I just rub off the dried masking fluid and presto, the white stars are there.  Finally, I go back on top with a white out pen to create the bigger white stars.
Superman's so smooth!  He definitely knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.  *Swoosh*

Superman 704 is in stores now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The second installment of a three part story.  I inked the whole issue over Carlo Barberi's pencils.  Here's the cover to this issue as done by Dave Johnson.
BOOOM!  A splash page from this issue.  Since I ink in the word "BOOOM", does that make me a letterer as well?  I miss those days when penciled art use to get sent to the letterer before it gets to the inker.  The letterer would ink in all the panel boarders, draw in all the word balloons, letter them, and letter/ink all the special effects that were on the page.  Today, any pencilled in lettering or special effects would need to be inked in by the inker.
The same page with colors by Marte Garcia.

Another page where I though Carlo did a great job on sequential.  Especially with the first three panels.
Splash pages are always fun to work on.  Nice big images.  The bigger the image, the easier to ink.  Smaller images take more concentration especially when inking on Blue Line printouts.  Bigger images, it's all crisp and clear.
Colors again.
Splash!  I found out Carlo likes the way I taper lines over his work.  So I concentrated more on that with Black Widow as shown here.  Lots of tapering all over her costume which took some time.  Then there's the individual bricks which took some time to complete.
Colors over the Splash.
Not quite a splash below.  Almost.  There's two smaller panels below.  I've seen some people giving the term "Half Splash" on pages similar to this, especially when dealers are selling original comic art.  Which made me wonder... Could car dealers sell half a car?  Perhaps a "Half Loaded" vehicle, as supposed to a "Fully Loaded" one?  How about food?  Instead of saying, "I like a pizza with the works!", how about... "I like to order a half assed pizza?"  Not much of a selling point.  Anyhoo... Let me get back on track...

Here's a "DPS" as comic book people like to call Double Page Spreads.  BONG!  Right before I posted this here, I had the urge to manipulate the letter "B" into a "W".  Having it read WONG!  But then, that's just too much work to entertain my crazyness.  
And the colors over it.  The colorist made two version of this.  In the end, everyone liked the second version below with the waves.  That was voted to be printed in the issue.
Deadpool #28 is in stores now.  More info here.