Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Trade paperback with my inks over Mike Bowden's pencils.  
 Some of the interior pages I've worked on.

World of Warcraft Book 3 is in stores now.


My inks over Carlo Barberi's pencils.

Some interior pages.
Space, the final frontier.  Black with Stars.
Pencils, Inks, Colors!

Pencils by Carlo Barberi...
Inks by Walden Wong...
 Colors by Andres Mossa...
Deadpool #34 is in stores now.

THOR 620.1

My first point one issue.  Thor 620.1 where I inked a few pages over Mark Brooks pencils.
Here's an interior page.  Moving.
Splash page.  Party!
Just for fun, below is the process of a page.

Pencils by Mark Brooks...
Inks by Walden Wong...

Colors by Sonia Oback...
Thor 620.1 is in stores now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Freedom Fighters #7 is in stores now.
My inks over Travis Moore's pencils for the whole issue.  Splash Page...

A couple of interior pages...
And here we have Uncle Sam...
That's what could happen if you don't pay your taxes on April 15th.  Uncle Sam comes after ya in a fiery rage.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Got a comp copy of Titans : Villains for Hire trade paperback today. 
Looking through the volume, aside from the pages I've inked, it seems that all the pages were colored straight from pencils.  Kinda fun looking for the pages I've worked on because they were all over the palce.  The next time you're at a store and see this book, pick it up and give it a looksie.  I'm sure you can tell right away which pages I've worked on even if there was no page number credits.

More info here and will be in stores end of March.