Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hardcover Graphic Novel reprinting some of the work I've inked over Carlo Barbari's pencils.
 Here are some of the interior pages from the book that I've worked on...

BATGIRL: THE FLOOD Trade Paperback

Softcover Graphic Novel reprinting some of the work I've inked over Lee Garbett's pencils.
Here are some of the interior pages from the book that I've worked on...

Batgirl: The Flood is in stores now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


 My inks over Carlo Barberi's pencils for Deadpool #35.  Here's a splash page.
 Same page all colored and lettered...
Double page spread below.  I was talking to Carlo Barberi on the phone and told him I was inking the capsule.  Then he goes and tells me he modeled that based on a light saber.  I nearly fell on the floor laughing because I didn't see it before.  Then we had a conversation about different light sabers.
Below is a page that I'm happy with how it turned out.  I stared at this page for quite some before I started inking it.  Where to apply halos so nothing gets lost.  What to halo and what not to halo.  How big and small the starts should be so it doesn't confuse with the rocks floating around.  How am I going to ink the white speed lines.... use white ink or ink around it.  Tapering out of speed lines from straight lines.  A lot of planning before the inking.
 Finally, Deadpool in bed...
In stores now.  Come to papa!


Helped out on a few pages of Gotham City Sirens #22 over Andres Guinaldo's pencils.  All my pages are towards the end of the book.
Here one of Guinaldo's pencils before slapped in over it...
For all the times I've inked over Guinaldo, I've noticed he would draw a lot of lines when it comes to hair.  Criss crossing each other, over lapping, and sometimes looking like scribbles.  I would usually ink each hair line making it more readable.  Dropping off lines that are unnecessary and adding others that'll make it better.  Here's that same page with my inks...
Another black and white page.  I like how the backgrounds in the last panel turned out.  Backgrounds are fun to work on.  Time consuming though.

Another page.  The fingerless gloves in the first panel took the longest to complete.  Cross hatching the lines while contouring to the shape of the hand.
In stores now!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


The book reprints some of the work where I've inked over Ed McGuinness.   A larger 96 page comic.  Here's a spread of a couple of pages that we worked on...
Here's a black and white image of the page on the right where Superman knocks out Doomsday...
 DC Comics Present: Superman/Doomsday is in stores now.


"Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel: Everything You Need to Know to Create Great Work and Get It Published" is the exact title.
The book is written by Daniel Cooney, who contacted me asking to do a two page inking tutorial for the book.  I said, Sure... how about something like this link.  He said that works.  And since I already had pictures and everything written up, we went with that and here are the results...
The book is on sale now and I have links on the far right if you like to buy one.