Thursday, October 20, 2011

Index Card 2

Not quite index cards.  But I'm still calling it "Index Card" just to keep the free sketch stuff in the same category.  It was one of those free sketch request I get every now and then.  Click here to see my first post about these free sketches. 
These were sent all the way back to Belgium.  Originally, I was sent the two comic books (The Spirit and The New Warriors) along with some blank paper.  The Spirit trade paperback was sorta cool because it was published in a foreign language.  The New Warrior comic was all English.  There was also letter asking for a Hercules sketch.  There were five pieces of blank paper.  So I decided I may as well sketch other stuff on them.  Also did a sketch of Spider-Man, The Spirit and Batman.

Now the other drawing was something I did at the spur of the moment.  I had one extra blank piece of paper and didn't know what else to draw.  I wanted to sketch on all five papers since they came all the way from Belgium and going back.  I thought to myself, what characters are out there that everybody knows of?  Then I looked over to the left and I saw my daughters big bucket of crayons.  I saw all those colors, tips of the crayon and they reminded me of a Pac-Man maze.  You know... the power pellets and the bright dots.  Then I said "I'm drawing Pac Man!  Wouldn't that be funny when they get it back and see this!"  And that's exactly what I did.  After I drew the four monsters, I then drew the fourth monster being gobbled up my Pac Man!   Then colored them with y daughters crayons.