Monday, July 15, 2013


My good friend, Gregg Schigiel and I did a Podcast together.  Here we talk about how I got into comics, what I do, and everything else comic related.  It's a good hour of fun.

Gregg has been one of my editors in the past whom I've also had the pleasure to ink over as well.  We're good friends and even tough we haven't worked together in years, we keep in touch.  One day, Gregg asked me if I would be interested in doing a podcast with him.  I said sure.  Then he flew all the way from New York to San Francisco to do this Podcast in my studio.   I thought we were going to do this over the phone.  But the man flew from coast to coast to do this with me... live in person.  No script, no prep, everything was done live on the spot.  Just two guys in the comic industry shooting the breeze.  There's some very good stuff here.

Some of the people we mention in the Podcast are Brian "Smitty" Smith, Matt Idelson, Paul Tutrone, Pete Woods, Bobbie Chase, Sean Chen, Tom Brevoort, Arthur Adams, Marlo Alquiza, Paul Smith, Joyce Chin, Carlo Barberi, Mark Pajarillo, Klaus Janson, Tom Palmer,  Kevin Nolan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Adam Hughes, Mark Brooks, Barry Windsor Smith, Justiniano, Mike Marts, Jacob Chabot, and more.

Listen and enjoy!

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