Monday, May 18, 2009


I received this unexpected package today. Didn't know what was in there. I opened it up and it was this nice looking hardcover Graphic Novel pictured above. Then I looked down and I read FINAL CRISIS. For a second, I though to myself, "Who sent this to me? I don't remember ordering this." Then I realized I did some work for the title helping out on deadlines and this was a comp copy. A very nice surprise. DC Comics did a great job putting this hardcover together. The whole book including the dust jacket looks really nice. Very well done. I went to DC Comics website and found out this goes on sale June 10. The one I got was an advanced copy. Nice. You can read more about this hardcover here.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Here's a double page spread from Warlord #2 that I inked. I tend to spend more time on Double Page spreads. Seems longer to complete compared to working on just one page. Then again, it is inking two pages instead of one. They're just two pages attached together. This issue is on sale now and you can read more about it here. Just for kicks, below is the colored image for the same image above. You can compare the the inks and the colors.

You can see more preview pages here.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Jack Kirby pencils and my inks over Blue Line. This is donated to Super Con this month for their Inking Panel which will later be auction off. There are a few inkers who inked this same piece for the charity event. You can see their work here. Some of the artist would also color their pieces which is always interesting to see. I like to just stick with the inks and ink it as if I was inking anything else. It is, after all, for a panel about how different inkers would approach inking the same penciller. I didn't change much during the inks with the piece. Maybe added a few tapered lines and doubling up some lines here and there. I also change Captain America's eyes. Added highlights to them and a white spot in the iris. Give the eyes more life than just a circle and a dot in the center. For the most part, I just stick with what Jack Kirby had down. You can see the original pencils here. This was my first time inking Jack Kirby so I was also interested in seeing how my inks would turn out. Fun times.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Pencilled by MC Wyman and inked by myself. This time, I was concentrating on light source when inking this. The light was coming from the bottom right. The areas where the light was hitting, I would have thin lines as well as areas that breaks and doesn't connect. I break the lines a lot on both feet. On the areas that the light source doesn't hit, I would have thicker lines and not break any of them. While keeping all of that in mind, I also vary the line weights. Very thick, very thin. The more extreme I can have both thickness on one line, the more eye popping the inks can look. I also made sure the interior lines had line weights as well. It helps create more of a form on the inside of the body work. Then there's hatch lines where I like to keep them consistently spaced as possible.