Monday, May 11, 2009


Jack Kirby pencils and my inks over Blue Line. This is donated to Super Con this month for their Inking Panel which will later be auction off. There are a few inkers who inked this same piece for the charity event. You can see their work here. Some of the artist would also color their pieces which is always interesting to see. I like to just stick with the inks and ink it as if I was inking anything else. It is, after all, for a panel about how different inkers would approach inking the same penciller. I didn't change much during the inks with the piece. Maybe added a few tapered lines and doubling up some lines here and there. I also change Captain America's eyes. Added highlights to them and a white spot in the iris. Give the eyes more life than just a circle and a dot in the center. For the most part, I just stick with what Jack Kirby had down. You can see the original pencils here. This was my first time inking Jack Kirby so I was also interested in seeing how my inks would turn out. Fun times.


  1. It is interesting to see how you are approaching the King. So used to seeing Vince C. or someone like that ink his pencils so seeing a variation is always fun. The first thing that jumped out to me was the feathering on the solid blacks and such. From all the other stuff Jack did, I don't remember people using those fine, tapered lines coming out of his solid blacks. Not saying it is bad, just saying it is different. Like around Cap's right hand's knuckles. I like the shading on the bottom of Cap and the arm in the foreground. Those are classic Kirby. Too bad it didn't have the famous Kirby Crackle in the background. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good eye, Patrick. In fact, there was no feathering in the original drawing. Feathering is somehing that I enjoy inking. So when I was done with what everything Jack Kirby had down, I thought to add some of the textures that I enjoy while inking. The feathering. Kirby Dots was my first thought as well. I almost changed that background into Kirby Dots. :)