Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Batman commission piece over Adam Hughes

On the left is the Batman pencil sketch by Adam Hughes.  On the right is my inks over it... grey wash and all.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emma Frost Commission piece over Arthur Adams

Another commission piece over Arthur Adam's hand drawn blue pencils.  On the left is the original pencils sent to me.  On the right, my inks on top of it.  Emma Frost aka White Queen.

Captain Cold

Here's a Captain Cold piece where I inked over Kerry Gammill's pencils for DC Comics.  It was to be used to make a T-Shirt for the DC Originals line of clothing.  Not sure if the T-Shirt was ever made.  If anyone sees one, let me know.

Flashpoint pins

DC Comics sent me a bag of Flashpoint pins.  From what the letter says, everyone who helped out with Flashpoint was sent a complete set of 16 Flashpoint pens which were available exclusively to retailers.  A small token of their gratitude.  What a nice gesture.  In case you're wondering, underneath the bags of pin is just the back of that DC letter.  Even the paper that this letter is printed on is cool,  There are characters on the back of it.
Anyways... I took all the pins and pinned them on the holiday gift DC Comics sent to freelancers last year.  The messenger bag with the DC logo on it.  I thought I blogged about the messenger bag when I got it last year, but it must have slipped my mind.  In any case, here it is now... all decked out with Flashpoint pins.


Comps for Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #3 where I've inked over Christian Duce's pencils.
 When I first got pages to work on, I was surprised to see Grifter from the WildCATS.  Which is an indication that characters from the Wildstorm Universe is moving into the DC Universe.
My favorite part about working on this issue was being able to ink Grifter.  First time working on the character.
 Below is the first page splash...
 With colors by Hi-Fi.


Action figure toy packaging art where I did some work on.
 My black & white inks over Bob McLeod's pencils.

Crystal Castle for the backgrounds.
Back of the actiojn figure 2-pack
Mini poster insert.


The last issue of Batman before the DC relaunch.  Batman #713
 Helped out on a few pages over Steve Scott's pencils.
Here's a nice collage splash page.  
Double page spread.
With colors and credits to the double page spread.
Here's a splash page, which is also the LAST page of the LAST issue.  Very cool to be able to say that... Last issue, last page.
Colors: Ian Hannan
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher  


Hardcovers Grephic Novels of Gotham City Sirens: Strange Fruit.
This reprints some of the work I've done for Gotham City Sirens #17 and #19.  In stores now!


On the left is the regular cover (by Lee Garbett) and the variant cover on the right (by Alex Garner). 
Helped out on six pages.  It's a Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Woman story where I've inked over Travis Moore's pencils.
Original Wonder Woman vs. the Wonder Woman in the new outfit.
The new Wonder Woman outfit here has pants.  Currently in the DC Universe, she's moved on to wearing shorts.
Wonder Woman #613 is in stores now.


Here's the cover to Deadpool #42.
Cover art: Dave Johnson
My name is spelled incorrectly in this issue.  "WaldOn" with an 'o' instead of the correct way,  Walden with an 'e'.  I don't get how that happens.  My name was mispelled in issue #40, then it was correctly spelled in issue #41.  Now it's back to the same mispelling in #42.  The credit page must have been manually adjusted as each comic goes into publication.

Now onto the inks where I've inked over the talented Carlo Barberi.

Round 3, fight!!!  Nah... that number 3 just represents the cell number in the story.

I like the sparks effect that's coming out of Deadpool's head in panel 1.  Reminds me of how Arthur Adams draws his sparks.
 Now on to another page, from Pencils, to inks, to colors and letters....
Pencils: Carlo Barberi.
Inks: Walden Wong
Colors: Ferran Daniel
Letters: VC's Joe Sabino