Monday, December 6, 2010


Outsiders #34 with my inks over a few pages of Keith Giffen's pencils.
Keith Giffen was going for a Jack Kirby looks on these pages.  Did some research of my own to freshen up on Kirby's inks.  How thick and how thin he inks certain details.  After the studying some Kirby Inks, here's what I did over Giffen's pencils.
 Same page I found online with colors and letters slapped on top.
Inks for another one of the pages I've worked on.

Colors and letters again...
Outsiders #34 is in stores now.


DC Comics Presents: Superman #2 with my inks over a few pages of Tom Derenick's pencils.  
Nice thick comic.  Sorta like one of those prestige format books.  Smaller than a Trade Paperback and bigger than a regular comic.  In stores now.
Superman's about to choke me.  Argh!