Monday, January 17, 2011


Comp copies of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Deluxe Edition Hard Cover that I did some work in.

Some interior pages I've inked over Georges Jeanty...
And here are some pages I've inked over Lee Garbett...

My name is spelled incorrectly in the credits, "Waldon Wong".   Happens to my name every now and then.  When I see name misspellings , it makes me wonder if credits are typed in by hand, or if it's cut & pasted in.  

This is a very nice looking book.  The whole format and presentation of the book is very impressive including the sketch materials in the end.

SUPERMAN: MON-EL VOL. 1 Trade Paperback

Comp copy of Superman: Mon-El vol.1 Trade Paperback that I did some work in.  

Here's some interior black & white pages I've inked over Pablo Raimondi
In stores now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

R.E.B.E.L.S.: SONS OF BRAINIAC Trade Paperback

I inked 22 pages in this Trade Paperback over Claude St. Aubin's pencils.  Here's a splash page...

Another page.  That egg in a carton looking shell thing in the first panel took some time to ink.  Had to make sure everything was lined up keeping in mine line weights and where the light source was coming from.  Bottom of the page, we have some Kirby dots.  It's called Kirby dots because when Jack Kirby drew comics, he would draw these black dots in various sizes to simulate and energy effect.
More Kirby dots below.  The snake skin texture towards the bottom of the page was an interesting effect to do.  Inked with a stippling effect.  In fact, the majority of the pages had a lot of stippling going on.  I used a quill for all of that.  Depending on how much pressurem you can control how big or small the stippling dots can be.  Something that can't be done with microns or tech pens.  Unless, of course, you plan to keep switching out different sized microns/tech pens.  Much quicker and more control with a quill when stippling.
Finally, this cool looking page with a Green Lantern looking fellow.  Except, he doesn't have the Green Lantern logo on his chest.  Just a white oval.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Helped out on a few pages over Andres Guinaldo's pencils.  This was the second time I've inked Guinaldo's pencils after Gotham City Sirens #17.  Turning around the inks was quick and fast!  
Batman in panel 3 below.  Fun!
 Batman in Panel 2!  Inside the computer monitor.  Still fun to ink regardless of where he's at.
Finally, another page with a bunch of details.
Batman Annual #28 is in stores now.


My inks over Ray Anthony Height's pencils.  Not quite sure if the words BIG TIME is part of the working title.   Thought it was SPIDER-GIRL.  Or maybe it's BIG TIME SPIDER-GIRL.   In any case... here's some of my inks.  

One of the first Spider-Man books I've bought was Amazing Spider-Man #252.  That's the issue when Spider- Man first got his new Black costume, which was an alien symbiote that later became Venom.  Anyhoo... on this page, Spider Girl is wearing a black costume.  Not quite Spider-Man in his black outfit, but close!  My first time inking the black outfit (amazing how so little can me make me so happy).
And that's it for the costume!  Below is a page where I decided to add details to the bike on the last panel.  Usually when I get a page to work on that's doesn't excite me much, I look for something to do on it that'll make it fun.  And the bike was something to look forward to inking.   
Here's how the bike was originally pencilled on the left and my inks on the right.  I even added the rest of her left foot behind the front wheel.   Fun stuff to do when inking.
Finally, the best page of the lot.  One with the Globlin in it.  I went all out with the inks on this one.  Minor fixes here and there and Wha-La! 
Spider-Girl #2 is in store now.  Big Time!!!


My inks over Andres Guinaldo's pencils.  My first time inking over Guinaldo's pencils.  He puts a lot of details in his work.  Lots of background information.
 It took much longer to finish some of the backgrounds than the characters.
 After a slow start, I got used to Guinaldo's pencils and the inks started to flow quicker.
Andres Guinaldo's pencils kinda reminded me of Milo Manara's work.  The way the women are drawn and the details in the backgrounds.  And since this is as close as I can get to inking Manara, I had fun noodling in all the details.  Exciting too!
Gotham City Siren's #17 is in stores now!


Inked a few pages over Shawn Moll's pencils in this issue.  Back up story for Venom.
 Worked on four pages where Deadpool had the Venom thing going on.
What if? Dark Reign #1 is in stores now.


Helped out on a few pages over Lee Garbett's pencils.

This one's my favorite of the bunch.  Lots of panels going on here.  Lee Garbett did a great job on the story telling with this one page alone.
A challenging double page spread.  
A bit confusing when inking this double page spread.  To help out, Lee Garbett sent me the thumbnails that Grant Morrison drew to help me along the way (below).  After studying Grant's Thumbnails, inking the double page spread was straight forward.
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 is in stores now.