Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Got my copies of Superman Last Stand of New Krypton #2.  Pictured are the covers with bigger image of Superman on the left being the variant cover. 
There were a few double pagers that I inked over Travis Moore's pencils.  Travis and I worked on eight pages together on this issue.  The rest was done by Pete Woods.
Here's that same page as colored by the colorist, Blond.
Another double page spread in black & white.  The first panel with all the buildings took longer to complete then the rest of them.
The colors for it.
Finally, another double page spread which I finished last for this project.  Mainly because there were so many robots and I used templates for all of them.  I could have gone free hand without the templates and finish them three times as fast.   I just like spending that extra time to do things like that.  Lots of details here as you can see in the black & white.
 And here it is all colored up.  All the details are still there.  Just not as noticeable compared to the black & white above.
This comic is in stores now and you can read more about it by click here.


  1. wow--I clicked on the one second from the bottom. You're right--LOTS of details. Nice work. It takes a certain personality (along with the right skills, of course) to be in your line of work I imagine. Are you an obsessively detail-oriented perfectionist in other areas of your life as well? I hope you don't take that the wrong way. :)

  2. Good question. I'm obsessively detailed when it comes to artwork. Other things, not so much. The bookshelves I have with graphic novels are organized by publishers and alphabetically by title. Other than that, everything else is chaotic. But then, chaotic in a way where I know where everything is. Sorta organized chaos.