Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another book I worked on which I didn't get credit.  In the credits section, there were nine inkers who are listed, except for my name.  Maybe there wasn't enough room for another name since there was so many or it was just a last minute deadline crunch and was an oversight.  Happens every now and then.

I was sent comp copies, so somewhere in the system, it knows I've contributed. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten comp copies at all.  Here's a picture of the books.  Two of the copies are variants.  On the top, I opened up to the four pages I've inked. 
And here are the four pages in black and white.  My inks over Pow Rodrix's pencils.  First the double page spread, which is actually two pages attached to each other.
Then here's the other two pages.  Both splash pages!  This one, I had fun with the black background.  
 Finally, the splash page.  Well... Not suite a splash page since there's one panel on the top left.  It's a nice page.  I'm gonna call it the "Almost Splash Page".
Justice League of America #49 is in stores now.  More info here.


  1. I like the face on the bottom right of the two-page spread.

    Nice stuff....keep it up and some day you might make a career out of this! :)

  2. Haha. I'm still a newbie when it comes to inking. :)