Saturday, August 29, 2009

Commission, junk mail, and Leonard Nimoy

When I get some free time, I would do commission pieces for art collectors. Sometimes collectors will ask me to ink over original pencils and other times in blue line. This time, I was e-mailed a High Resolution File of a Captain Britain and Psylock pin-up pencilled by Mark Brooks. I would then print it out on Blue Line and ink over that. Here's the result which you can click to expand.
I have a bunch more that I need to get to. Thankfully, the people who commission me are nicely patient and lets me take my time. The pin-up above is dated 2005. Doesn't mean it took me four years to finish it. The art collector had it since and decided to have me ink it later. I could have dated it "2009" under my name. But that would look funky. Funny thing about the way I sign my name on pin-ups and covers. It never looks the same, nor is it fancy or memorable. It's not really even a signature at all. I just print each letter of my name out by hand in capitol letters. I don't even write it on a straight line, it's messy and wobbly. I spend all the time doing the inking making the artwork look nice, but when it comes time to putting my name, I'm just "whatever" with it. It's really just a scribble.
Junk Mail... Every so often, I would get e-mails from comic book websites that show new products up for pre-order. You buy from these websites once, and you're automatically subscribed. I could always cancel the e-mail subscriptions. Then again, I also enjoy seeing what's up in the retailer side of the comic book world. So I stay subscribed. Just today, I get an e-mail that included this... I posted about Superman: Red Son earlier in my blog. This was exciting for me to see because I did a lot of inking on that book. It's nice to know retailers are pumping this. Looking forward to seeing the final product when it's released on November 11th.

Star Trek... picture from SDCC! Leonard Nimoy. We all know him as Spock from the original Star Trek series. He's the guy who started it all with the Star Trek hand gesture/sign language/gang sign which I'm sure every body's seen...


  1. ugh not a big fan of Suicide Girls :(

    Your comments on your sig is funny as hell lol

  2. coloured the brooks piece -->