Monday, January 20, 2014


My inks over Julius Gopez's pencils.  Inking over Julius was tough.  When I would print out his pencils on Blue Lines, everything would be smudgy and hard to see and translate.  I believe it was because the pencils were smudgy.  For the most part, I approached this project as doing finishes, except it wasn't finishes.  All the lines were there, juts hard to see.  So I inked what I thought was supposed to be there.  Best way I can describe it is, you draw ten lines with a pencils.  Then you ink in the best fit line to make it look good.  Some of the books, you'll see that each inker approches Julius Gopez's differently.  Here are my results...

For me, faces, hands, and textures are very important in inking, among other things. Get those three things right and everything else is a breeze. 

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