Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dark Horse Holiday Card

Just got a Holiday Card from Dark Horse Comics. This is nice especially since I'm a fan of Bernie Wrightson, who did the card art for Dark Horse. There's a book called out there called Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein that I look at from time to time. The art in there is amazing! I can stare his his pen & ink work all day. I think I looked at this card for almost an hour before I put it down. Beautiful work. Here's a scan of the holiday card opened. Here's a scan of the pre-printed message inside which I thought worked well with the card art. Nice touch, Dark Horse! Very nice of my editors over at Dark Horse to sign and send this to me.

Now... I need to go to my bookshelf and pull out the Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein book. I just got the sudden urge to spends a few more hours looking at his pen & ink work. Cheers!


  1. very nice, waldini. I really need to design myself a christmas card next year--especially now that I have a baby. Did the Wongs send one out this year?

  2. We do have cards this year. Ever since we had little ones, there's been a photo card for every year with them in it.