Thursday, December 10, 2009

Desktop whatever days

A while back, I had this idea about taking a picture of what was on my drawing table on a certain day of each week. Call it "Desktop Mondays" or whatever and add captions to it. But that would be posting and leaking too much info before a book was published. So that idea was scratched after I took this picture. This was taken months back when I was inking Dark Reign: Young Avengers. I was working on this nice splash page over Blue Lines. Iron Patriot (the character on the bottom right who looks like Iron Man) was completely inked whereas everyone else was still in blue line. The way Iron Patriot was posed, it looked as if he was looking over his shoulder by surprised with all the Blue Line people behind him. My first thought was, "Attack of the Blue Line people!" And this picture was taken.
Every so often when I'm inking a page, my mind thinks up mini captions for certain panels. Sometimes funny and most time cheesy. Hum... Maybe I will continue posting some of my mini captions. Add some cheese to this blog.


  1. There's always room for blog cheese! :-D

    The page is looking really sweet man, always love seeing the work in progress shots.

  2. Like IP's reaction is someone caught him taking a dump in a trash can. :)

    This needs to be the "Daily Desktop" post. There is your title.

    I like these posts because it is usally as a page is in process so I like seeing how you attack a page in different spots. The progression posts and scans are the best. I'm a geek on those things.

  3. Sounds like this is something you guys would enjoy? If it's more cheese you want, then "Daily Desktop" it'll be! Maybe not EVERYDAY, but... You know what I mean.

  4. Why do you have a Hulk cover and other stuff under work? I can see that in other pics of your desktop. Any technical reason or only for fun? Best!

  5. Merbitt, There's actually a technical use for for those. My drawing table is on a 30 degree slope. If I place anything on it, it'll just slide off if I'm not handeling the photocopies or drawing board. However, I have a plexiglass on top of my drawing table. When I need references, I slip them underneath the glass and that'll keep references in place.

    The Hulk cover on the right was something Arthur Adams gave me for reference when I was inking his pencils on Hulk last year. It's been under the plexi glass between my drawing table since and I've never removed it. The photocopy of pencils you see on the left is the same image I'm inking on blue line. When I ink in blue like, I like to refer to the grey pencils. Sometimes when greys are converted to blues, some of the details are missing and I like to make sure I catch everything.

  6. Thanks Walden!
    Yeah! details are often lost in the blue print. I also work with a gray copy of the pencils.
    Your idea is very good. I'll also put reference pages under my work.